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Story About Us & Short Bio

We have a passion for Website Designing and Programing

The Info Solution's story begins in the mid 2012 (in heart of Gurgaon, where we currently reside and operate) with the establishment of a Website designing and development agency that was purely focused on Website Industry to help the growing the SME's / Startups Industry both locally and internationally.

The Info Solution is small but powerful brigade. Each and every member on the team has excellent and relevant experience in their own field. We are equally minded team with the objective of "customer first". We always think that the difference between 99 and 100 is just giving a little "extra" effort, but that is what create a difference between the BEST and the REST.

Our Process

Below is the step we follow the process for new website design and development projects:

  • Project Kickoff

    We believe in a solid start of the project by spending additional hours in gathering all initial information and requirements for your website. We also do marketing research so as to check any missed opportunities.

  • Planning & Idealogy

    It’s said that for every 1 minute saved in Planning, you save 10 minutes during the action phase. The Info Solution develops a formal website plan for every website that it works on. This well-documented planner lays out the project scope and timelines clearly, thereby eliminating ambiguity and delays.

  • Design / Prototype Process

    This is where things start getting exciting! Based on the website requirements document and website plan, our web designing team start using the prototypes and brief to make a custom design for the websites homepage and internal pages. Using design tools and simulators, we work on multiple options to develop a design that looks great on all screen sizes. A/B Testing, Navigation ease and color combination symmetry are few other critical steps performed at this phase.

  • Development Process

    Once the design is reviewed and approved, it’s passed on to the web Development team for converting to HTML and then desired CMS Frameworks or Headless CMS. Testing at each steps becomes important. Validation of code, website load speed, broken links, responsive checks is performed at all stages so that we can provide a website that passes all functionality tests.

  • Website Testing

    Many companies don’t give importance to testing. Not us! All the hours spent in designing and developing the website are a waste if the website is not tested properly. Since the launch of smartphones, the testing process has gained more importance. It’s absolutely essential that your website passes QA tests including Page-Load Speed, SEO Score, and other checklists.

  • Making Website Live

    This is where all the hard work bears fruit and your website is ready for the world to see and admire! Our web development team configures the website on your hosting or our hosting panel. Also assists in setting up email ids if required. We also walk you though with all CMS and frontend information so in case if you want to use then you can use in future.

Our Clients

They were looking for end to end results. We have executed all their complex problems and made their journey easy.


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